Saturday, January 29, 2005


Man has collected rain water ever since the first water vessel was invented. After thousands of years it has come down to this, Senators are fixing to make the people of Washington State a slave to the Bio-Diversity Treaty. We will lose our Last Water Right as reflected in RCW 90.03.250 (4) if Senate Bill 5113 is past. The law makers in Olympia will have you going to the Department of Ecology and paying for a Permit to catch rain water. Hay on your own land with your own bucket. This is the same rain that God has been using to water his garden for ever. The same rain that benafits all life on this planet. Can any humen entity own, or regulate rain? If we are deprived of our God geven rights by beurocrats in Goverment where do our freedoms lie? Bio-socialism ? Think about this: crucial areas ordinates, rain water run off tax, wet lands takeing an invirmentel impact statements on every thing from privet to industral. Whats next? how about the number of children you can have in order to protect the earth. Little by little, they're sneaking up on you


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