Tuesday, February 15, 2005

2005 Ledgislature to Overthrow the state of Washington

Democrats Changing 1,898 Laws to fit Socialist agenda.

On The Socialist Gay Rights Bill I assume this Bill defines sexual orientation? Based on what? Doze this discriminate agents chicken lovers? Or what about pedophiles? What it will do is discriminate agents every one except gays. To avoid law a suit employers and landlords will have to favor gays over any other criteria that my be desired, regardless of qualifacations. Why do the people have to give in to socialists, who want to re-create the world in their image.

On the Socialist Banning Assault Weapon Bill
This Bill makes a 60 year old 22 pump, or any rifle, shot gun or pistol that holds more than ten rounds, and/or capable of accepting a detachable magazine, illegal. That should make gun owners happy. This is not in any way a description of an assault weapon. This is a Bill aimed at the elimination of private fire arms based on the assault weapon ignorance that plagues our {ELECTED} officials.

On the Socialist Rainwater Collection Bill
The Dems are trying to establish regulatory power over rain and charge a fee for the collection of it. It is to be inserted in the public domain statutes, RCW title 90 water rights- environment RCW 90.03.250. This means that when some judge looks at it, it may be considered that the State has the right to control what happens to rainwater in the interest of environmental protection. It does not belong to you or God. It belongs to the state.

On the Socialist Smoking Bill
This is under the disguise of health protection. It is nothing more than a ploy to ban smoking, and another regulation that creates unnecessary restrictions on businesses. In researching second hand smoke, I discovered that there are just as many pros as there are cons, and just as many credentials on the pro side as there is on the con side. This leads me to believe that the truth lays somewhere in the middle. Any objective person, would call it a draw and conclude that the socialist politicians have an agenda. Keeping in mind, the socialist thrive on power, when an issue comes along that is ripe for the picking, that nether be proved or disproved, and propaganda machine "i.e. the media" cranks out the B.S. the socialists move in. It puts them in control and at the same time, it makes them look good, saving us from ourselves.

On the Socialist Family Leave Bill
This is set up with the Department of Labor and Industries.
NEW SECTION. Sec. 19 (1)(a) Beginning on October 1, 2005, for each individual, each employer shall pay a premium of two cents per hour worked, up to a maximum of forty hours per week, to the department in the manner and at such intervals as the department directs for deposit in the family leave insurance account. I would only hope folks taking family leave have better luck then the injured folks have had in the past. We will feel this in the coast of good. 50 employees equals $1280.00 per month, TO START, before the premiums go up. Need not say any more.

On the Socialist Bill Eliminating Initiative and Referenda Powers">
There is nothing that a socialist hates worse than the people telling them what they can or can not do. What can I say, one of the things an oppressive socialist government has got to do is to silence the people. And it takes away your right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. i.e. 2004 gubernatorial election, the legislature refusal to act on behalf of the people to investigate vote fraud for there personal gain. And we will not be abel to rain in runaway spending. Or get laws past that the socialist wont even consider.


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