Monday, February 28, 2005

Democrats and Union = 1 in the same

The title should read Government and Union. Which is which? And can the two really function as separate entities?
This is in responce to SOUND POLITICS; artical Solidarity Forever
NO! The Dem's and the Union have been sleeping together for years. Wink- wink- nod- nod you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
The Dem's need the votes and the Union needs the regulatory advantage. The big question is, 'Who is running the country?'.
There is no separation of powers in the fourth branch of government. Special interest are the Union thugs in the pursuit of socialism.
Below Is a clip that speaks for its self:

The massive opposition to the Bush agenda gave rise to a tremendous, progressive, grassroots electoral movement. With labor as its backbone it encompassed key parts of class and social forces - nationally and racially oppressed peoples, women and youth - which together can make history. And the PWW plans to be there, helping to build this movement and win the battles for peace and justice.

Another four years of a Bush administration is a setback. But every struggle, even every defeat, sets the stage for new struggles. And there is political space, real possibilities, for victories:


Now, if you put this together with the Dem's rhetoric toward President Bush and the war in Iraq, and listen real close, you will hear the same tune. It's the same as a synchronized choir in a harmonic chorus.


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