Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Rent-A-Cop to head State Police

Hay folks this is not right!
I don't care what party, nor do I care who the person is, no one should
have the power to rule as Governor during a contested election.
At the hart of this is the Democrats in the Legislature who refused to
look at the evidence of an invalid election. Their candidate got her foot in
the door and that was not going to change. The Dems have mislead the people,
connived and CHEATED to get there way.

This is what happens with out a protocol
for a contested election. Who ever is in the majority in the legislature
becomes nothing less than a coo to the true will of the people.
The Lt. Governor is who should be sitting as the Governor untill a resalotion is reached.

Any one who is willing to gain office in this manner has little or no integrity. It can only be for personal gain, not to serve the people.

So while the Lone Ranger is talking to the Judge and Tonto is gathering evidence.
The plot thickens.

I know nothing of this man. He may be a real good person.
Having said that, on the face of it. It looks like we have a rent-a-cop to replace the
head of our State Police.

Gregoire names new WSP chief
Olympia lawyer gets Ecology post; health agency leader reappointed



Gov. Christine Gregoire continued to mix her Cabinet appointments with new faces and incumbents from the administration of former Gov. Gary Locke, naming two new agency heads and keeping another Tuesday.
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The Democratic governor picked Port of Seattle Deputy Police Chief John Batiste as head of the Washington State Patrol and Olympia environmental attorney Jay Manning to head the Department of Ecology, and reappointed Mary Selecky as head of the Department of Health.


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