Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Three of the most Dangerous Synonyms


I have a dictionary that was published in 1903. IN it, it states communism is a
new French word that is synonymous with socialism.

Every where we look there is all this negative news that confuses the facts.
The liberal slant on the issues, news papers don't get it and liberal politicians
and judges with social agendas.
Is it a sign of changing times or is there a more sinister plot?

I for one believe the later, after 60 + years on this planet. I have lived through the peak
and fall of Communism. The qustion is did it really fall? I think not, it has been festering
under the color of social inviromentel change.

Acutely there are a lot of special interest gropes whom subscribe to Communism.
Anti; capitalism, property rights, personal freedom and freedom OF religion.
They support for the end gain; taxis, abortion, gays, dumbing down of
our children, living constitution, property restrictions, nationalizing health care.
I could go on, butt I think you get the idea.

This article below could be from any news paper in most any city in the U.S.A.
but its not. I INVITE YOU to go to the link and read brows and see if it doesn't sound

WASHINGTON — Citing soaring costs in lives and tax dollars, lawmakers,
peace leaders and military families demanded this week that President
George W. Bush bring the troops home from Iraq.

They rejected Bush’s boast in his State of the Union address that the Jan.
30 election in Iraq vindicates his war policy.

Bush is asking for another $80 billion for the Iraq war on top of $151
billion appropriated earlier, even though nearly $9 billion cannot be
accounted for. He plans to build 14 permanent military bases in Iraq. To
pay for war and tax cuts for the rich, Bush would slash funds for health
care, education, and other domestic needs. The privatization scheme Bush
laid out in the State of the Union speech would force cuts of 30 percent or
more in Social Security benefits.

The next time you hear the words though police or politicely corect,you will have to ponder
where it is lealy coming from. A bunch of wimpy liberals or the communist manafesto.


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