Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Call is out: Dem's must renew their membership

The Dem's are sounding real confident?

It sound to me like the pitter patter of little feet.
Rat's feet that is. RAT'S on a sinking ship.

This article pretty much speaks for it's self.

Democrats sound a confident tone in their public statements about the governor's election lawsuit.

For instance, one party attorney said Republicans' list of alleged
illegal voters would end up as toilet paper "in an outhouse on Blewett
Pass" on the mountain highway route that leads to the Chelan County
courthouse, where the case will be heard. But the state Democratic Party's new fund-raising solicitation has a much more alarming tone.

"This is no joke! Don't stop reading until you've finished this
letter," pleads the two-page mailing, sent to Democrats this week by
state party Chairman Paul Berendt.Fear is a tried-and-true motivator in political fund raising.

And Berendt spun a scary tale of Karl Rove, President Bush's deputy
chief of staff and top political adviser, calling the shots in
Republican Dino Rossi's case against the election of Democratic Gov.
Christine Gregoire.


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