Sunday, March 06, 2005


The Dem's smile all the way to the Bank

And you got to know with that much money floating around, that everyone is as honest as a used car salesman.

Why bother with the hassle of elections, just let the special interest run the Dam State. They are anyway by proxy. And with our new Dictator to sign off on the socialist agendas, the Democrats line their pocket at the expense of the People. How much does it cost to buy a politician? Certainly the People are not getting anything for their money.

I know one thing, and that is if it cost $2,799,763.94 to buy a legislative session, it's a Dam good thing it's only part time.

Business interests on top in spending
Their cost for lobbying adds up to $1.45 million


Interest groups spent close to $2.8 million in January to lobby Washington's state Legislature, led by business organizations, health care groups, government advocates, and labor unions.
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Yet no single category of interest group spent more than those dealing with business.

An Olympian analysis of lobbyist spending data kept by the state Public Disclosure Commission shows that when spending by all business-related groups is added together, it totals $1.45 million, or just more than half of all lobbyist expenditures.

That compared with more than $435,000 for health care, nearly a third of that spent by practitioners such as doctors who want to see jury awards for pain and suffering damages capped in medical malpractice cases. They also have monitored bills regulating patient care.

Labor groups were next, spending close to $277,000, followed by education groups, which spent $172,607. Transportation-allied groups, including the Boeing Co., spent a little more than $100,000.
Lobbyist spending by sector

Business, general 329,597.27

Government 213,759.15

Health care practitioners 154,711.53

Food/beverage/lodging 123,374.51

Unions trade 120,694.13

Health care facilities 111,719.86

Health care products 109,573.68

Insurance 99,524.61

Education 88,340.44

Law/justice 85,867.27

Unions teacher 84,266.59

Manufacturing 79,544.88

Finance 76,188.29

Utilities electric 73,693.71

Unions public employee 71,679.54

Recreation/leisure arts 29,152.50

Recreation/leasure outdoor 28,978.95

Energy, petroleum 27,928.39

Transportation marine 26,252.33

Transportation air 20,824.01

Tobacco 13,070.45

Fisheries 11,550.00

Religious organizations 8,066.21

Mining 8,020.00

Commercial Service 30,441.28

Lobbying firms 69,300.98

Forest/wood products 68,869.99

Agriculture 66,517.55

Construction 63,097.38

Health care insurance 59,589.73

Amusements 59,409.88

Social/civic/fraternal organizations 57,481.90

Real estate development 56,940.33

Social services 49,848.09

Transportation land 43,456.38

Utilities telephone 40,037.32

Environment 38,441.34

Advertising/print media 34,975.86

Retailing 33,318.95

Utilities water and waste 31,658.68

Amount total 2,799,763.94


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