Friday, March 04, 2005

Election 2004

Looking back on the election 2004, I can't help thinking about the vote count. I keep thinking about the 100% turn out, and that is where I have my problem. It is hard to believe that every registered voter voted in this election. There has got to be some one that for what ever reason did not vote.

There are toughs whom vote only for federal offices candidates. And there are people just don't vote because they don't like the line up of candidates. Then we have some folks whom didn't make it to the poll for what ever reason. Wile I will agree it was a land mark turn out, I a have hard time believing that it was 100% turn out.

Now there are all of the ballets that could not be confirmed which brings up the question; of toughs how many of were from registered voters? If only one was registered then we have past 100%. Then there is King Co. with more ballets than voters. That is impossible unless they were manufactured for the purpose of swaying the out come of the election. It will be interesting to find out how many felons votes were actually cast by the felons them selves. lets not forget the provisional ballets that got counted and were not canvassed.

It appears that a persons or person was stacking the deck. My guess is it was done in part by hijacking ballets of people who haven't voted in the past cupel of elections. With a high voter turn out the people who had not voted in the past few elections did. This would explain having more ballot than registered voters.

This all most sounds like the ploy the Dems use to redistribute campaign funds with out reporting there illegal act. Or at lest it smells like Mule cookies.


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