Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mercury E.P.A. and Science

Back Before the E.P.A. ruined the prospecting in this state I did a lot of surfing the libraries around the state. And one of the things I ran across was a publication put out by the state shoeing mineral deposits. Western Washington's glacial fill
[ all this rock and gravel] we live on has cinnabar mixed all through it. Cinnabar is a reddish sponge celled rock containing mercury. Most of the mercury has leached out over the centuries and is sitting on the bed rock.
Not that this is particularly important, it is something I think about when fish have traces of mercury in them.

EPA rules aim to cut mercury emissions

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration planned today to issue the nation's first regulations to cut mercury pollution from electric utilities, relying on a market-trading system that gives companies 15 years to reduce it nearly by half.

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) regulations are aimed at reducing levels of mercury, a toxic chemical that can severely damage nervous systems, especially in fetuses and children. The rules are the result of a lawsuit brought by an environmental group 13 years ago.

The EPA expects to reduce the current 48 tons a year of mercury from smokestacks of coal-burning power plants to 31.3 tons in 2010, according to a copy of the rule provided yesterday by environmental groups. The regulation would further reduce that to 27.9 tons in 2015 and to 24.3 tons in 2020. EPA officials did not dispute those numbers.


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