Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Microsoft Corp under the media player gun

I don't like any one particular media player, and find some to be annoying.
Like browsers I use what works best with the application I'm working with.
With 6 media players and 7 browsers, and I often use two browsers at one time while blogging. Listening to CDs is different than listening to on line radio, or watching DVDs is different than watching TV. One utility will allow me to do all, no one utility can do all of what I want.

Why should I have to commit to any one particular browser or media player?

It seems that the fight comes in when operating systems attempt to be all in one answer for all applications.

My answer is get a big MAC.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Groups join fight against Microsoft


LUXEMBOURG -- . Microsoft Corp face opposition from Seattle competitor RealNetworks Inc. and two industry trade groups during an appeal of a European Union antitrust decision, an EU court ruled yesterday.

The Court of First Instance in Luxembourg, the EU's second-highest court, said the trade groups Software & Information Industry Association and Free Software Foundation Europe eV can argue against Microsoft's request to annul the EU ruling, according to an e-mailed copy of the court ruling.

Novell Inc. and the trade group Computer & Communications Industry Association won't be joining the opponents after Microsoft in November agreed to pay $536 million to end an antitrust dispute with Novell and settled with the CCIA, whose members include Sun Microsystems Inc., Oracle Corp. and Nokia Oyj.

The European Commission, the EU's antirust arm, levied a record $661 million fine against Microsoft last March and ordered the company to sell a version of its Windows operating system in Europe without a music and video player and to license information to rivals.


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