Friday, March 11, 2005

More Government Intrusion

When dose it stop?

The government has gotten there fingers in all aspects of my life.
When I think that there is nothing left that the government would control, they figure out something.
Now they want to get there fingers in my shit.
I have not pumped me bilge in 20 years, because it works.

The more chambers the purer the affluent, in limited areas use two tanks for a total of six chambers.
It will be almost drinkable.
And kitchen should have a grease trap and a pre- digester prior to the main septic tank.
And be frugal with your chemicals i.e. bleach, bowl cleaners etc.

OH! you don't know what I am talking about, read the article below.

Home prices, pollution key in septic debate


TUMWATER -- Proposed changes in state rules governing on-site septic systems were criticized on all fronts Wednesday at a state Board of Health public hearing.
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The rules will drive up the cost of some new homes by thousands of dollars and place undue burdens on homeowners to prove that their systems work, many of those testifying said.

"I've heard costs, but I haven't heard cost benefits," said Bill Pritchett, a Thurston County resident and septic system owner. "There are just so many what-ifs. How could you adopt this with a straight face?"

On the other hand, shellfish growers and environmentalists urged the board to consider tougher rules, pointing to marine waters in Hood Canal and Puget Sound that are suffering pollution from failing or neglected septic systems.

"We live or die by having clean water to grow our shellfish," said Bill Dewey of Mason County-based Taylor Shellfish Farms.

The new rules tell local health districts and homeowners to inspect systems every one to three years but lack clear direction on how to ensure that it happens, he said.

Statewide, about 2.4 million people are served by 800,000 on-site septic systems. In Thurston County, 135,000 inhabitants use 45,000 septic systems, according to Thurston County Environmental Health Director Art Starry.


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