Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Socialist democrat feeding frenzy

LIke pirona devouring a $25000.00 goat, the dem's are gutting every initiative, law and regulation on the books.

The same dem's that stoled the 2004 election.

The same dem's that refused to investigate any of the evidence presented in re: to the fraudulent election.

Now there out to steal your money.

It's time to take names and kick ca-REARS.

2362 Bills Introduced 1296 Amendments to date

SB 6078 would make other substantial changes to I-601 requirements

Bill would change rules on tax votes
By Andrew Garber

Seattle Times staff reporter

OLYMPIA — Senate Democrats have a bill in the wings that would let lawmakers raise taxes with a majority vote instead of the two-thirds vote now required.

The bill would overturn part of Initiative 601, the anti-tax measure approved by Washington voters in 1993, and effectively make it possible for Democratic majorities in the state House and Senate to raise taxes without Republicans going along.

The proposal comes in a year when lawmakers are facing a budget shortfall projected at more than $2 billion. Tax increases on everything from card rooms to cigarettes are being considered by the Legislature.

Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, D-Spokane, said she's not sure when the measure, Senate Bill 6078, will come up for a vote, but that she's confident it can pass the Senate. "We just think that's good public policy," she said. The bill passed the Senate Ways and Means Committee earlier this month.


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