Monday, March 14, 2005

State of the Union

It is not good and it is not bad.
It is time to make up our minds.
Ether fish or cut bate.

Sunday March 13th 2005
I had decided to have my coffee on the veranda, "back steps" in the morning sun. As I sat sipping my second cup of espresso looking out over the pond . I saw our old goose bobbing away while ignoring the six or seven wild ducks who were also taking part in this bobbing ritual. It was as though they were showing off to each other. While I don't prescribe to animal rights garbage, I have carved out a little niche for our goose and other fowl passers by. Our little piece of heaven.
The sun was warm and I began to digress as my thoughts started to jump from one thing and then another. I flashed back to playing hooky from school, on a warm spring day to go fishing. Toughs were the good old days ..... not like it is now ... my thoughts went to all the things I have read as of late. Like what is being taught in schools, the radical professors in collage and the socialist P.C. anti- American left. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

and for no apparent resin I flashed back to the fifties and Cuba. At the same time the hair stood up on the back of my neck, as a chill ran through me.
The same tactics were used to over through the Cuba-en government. And as a result it was the people who bought in to the socialist propaganda that made the Castro regime take over a cake walk.
This can't be, there is no way that this could happen here, no way!
Or can it? Stop! Think!
What has happened in the past 40 years as the left has been in power most of that time.

Race Batting
Attacking Capitalism i.e. anti-corporations
Property Rights
Attack on Families
Attack on Religion
Attack on institutions i.e. Military, Boy scouts etc.
Desecration of the Flag
Disrespect for the Pelage of Allegiance
Political Correctness
Prayer in School Abolished
Freedom of Association i.e. hiring Gays to work in Church organizations etc.
Gun rights becoming more limited

fell free to add to the list.

And then we have things like our infrastructure that is degrading
i.e. Electrical Power Generation, Highway, Refineries and Steel mils. Do to leftist environmentalist and activist junk scientist.

News Media
E.P.A., Fish & Wild Life, Land Management, etc.
President i.e. closing Oil and Coal preserves etc.

To name a few not counting the groups like Green Peace, Earth First, Peta and the anarchist and so on.
So for we have enough Socialism to sway the people. And when I look at the last two presidential elections I see the United States sitting in the balance.

Will some tyrant attempt a coo? No, at-least not until the socialist have run the country in to the ground. Or Our sovereignty has been turned over to the U.N. Then it is up for grabs, and no one, NO ONE will be abel to stop it.

What if J. Kerry were to get the Presidency, or H. Clinton?
We are at a cross roads, we can not take any more hits from the left. It is time to organize and mobilize.

It is a beautiful morning, and a good day. How ever I fear dark days are on the horizon. Once this experiment in freedom is gone it will never ever come back. The experiment is OVER.


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