Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terri Schiavo

This is is one of the most pathetic displays of human events I have ever encountered. This hole thing comes down to one thing, and that is do we except hear say in the termination
of human life.
If so then the door is open for expedience, i.e. expedite inheritance, insurance fraud or just
plain don't want to be bothered with tacking care of an invalid.
Something that the younger folks should think about as they age and the body does not function
as well as it once did.
One of the few things that government is suppose to do is to make sure those things that are
spelled out by our founding documents are up-healed. All the government is doing is "double
checking" putting the case up for revue.

The most beautiful person I ever had the pleasure to meeting was comatose for over three months, after
being literally cut out of a demolished car. Body broken and lacerated with a collapsed lung, it look real
bleak . All parties would have been justified by letting her go, as she was on Oxygen, Food and liquid.
She was sweet 16 when she faced death. All those months she lay hooked up to machines to keep
her a live, with no one knowing what was going on in side.
By the grace of God I met this young laddie 6 years later, and we have spent the last 20 years in marital
bliss. looking forward to the rest of our life to gather.
The point: It is none of my or any one else's business what they do with there life. However it is our business
when some one else is calling the shots on behalf of an invalid with out evidence of there wishes.


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