Friday, March 11, 2005

Union vs. the USA

Thanks to Orbusmax:

Wal-Mart just doesn't stand a chance in the state of Washington

You commie union pukes can't stand not having control over every thing.
All that money you are missing out on to support your commie buddies has got to be a bur under your saddle.

The deceit is the union will get an employee a rase from $9.00 per hour to $10.50 and take a dollar 95 for dues. Then turn around and give it to a Democrat politician to get some law pasted that will place an other burden on your wallet. Mean while the employee has got to participate in a strike with out income. And winds up with an $8.00 average income.

Off coerce this is why our children are being dumbed down. You don't want any one to be smart enough to figure out that they are being taken.

Im not as nice as the Evergreen Freedom Foundation in this mater.

Washington state teachers union charity fund boycotts Wal-Mart
3/11/2005, 4:42 a.m. PT
The Associated Press

SEATTLE (AP) — A Washington Education Association charity has begun a boycott of Wal-Mart because of the company's "exploitative labor practices," the president of the state teacher's union says.

The move was made last week after numerous teachers asked the union to either change the Children's Fund policy or distribute information about Wal-Mart's labor practices, WEA president Charles Hasse told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which reported on the boycott

And if that don't get your dander up, try this

Mabby this will give a little credence to my earlier comments.

Parking Feud
By Kimberly Craig
Web produced by Jenny Clark
March 9, 2005

Some U.S. Marines say they were surprised by the decision made by Detroit auto workers about parking. It all started with the cars some Marines drove, and what was on them.

The words that have some U.S. Marines in shock came from the man in charge of security at the UAW Solidarity House, on Jefferson in Detroit. For a number of years now, dozens of Marine reservists have been thankful to park in the UAW’s lot for weekend training with no problem at all - until now.

Marines at nearby Marine Corps Reserve Center say on Tuesday morning, the director of security at the UAW told them that while they support the troops, Marines driving foreign vehicles or sporting a President George Bush bumper sticker were no longer welcome to park there.


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