Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Volt by mail? Wy not on Line? What is the difference?

The Governor of Oregon puts in his 2& half cents worth for mail in Ballots.
The democrats in Oregon have not had any problems with vote by mail. hmmm I wander why?

Don't think for a minute that mail in ballots is going to resolve the problems with fraud.

The ballot will be at the mercy of the U.S.P.S.s stellar services, and then the Ballot are delivered to a central place where they will accumulate until the count starts. And Ballots will continue come in after election day. And two week after the poles close we will get the desired results.

Pole votes give an immediate number that has to be manipulated in order to through an election. and other forms of casting a Ballot would rase suspect if there numbers did not match.

House OKs mail-only elections
Democrats, Republicans disagree on security of such a system


All elections in Washington state would rely on mail ballots only, beginning in 2008, under a bill approved by the state House yesterday.

Voting by mail is touted as a way to improve ballot security and reduce the cost and complexity of elections. Some critics say that it erodes security or that it diminishes communities by eliminating the tradition of voting at polling places on Election Day.

The approval on a 58-38 vote came hours after Secretary of State Sam Reed held joint news conferences in Seattle and then in Portland with his Oregon counterpart, Bill Bradbury, to promote vote-by-mail elections. Oregon switched to statewide mail-only voting in 2000.

Reed requested the bill, but with mail-only voting as an option available to counties.

The Senate earlier approved the original version of Reed's bill. Both houses ultimately would have to agree on a single version to send it to the governor to be signed into law.

SACRAMENTO – About 5,500 San Diego write-in votes were tossed out in November's tight mayoral election because the voters forgot to color in a little bubble on their ballot.

Frye lost because too many voters wrote in her name but neglected to also darken an optical-scan bubble next to the write-in blank on the ballot.


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