Saturday, April 30, 2005

2004 Gov. race no one won! A SPOILED ELECTION?

This latest update by the Democrats is somewhat curious, considering the allegations.
We know what their intent is. That is to pad the percentages to a draw. This might work if Rossi were to try and prove he won the 2004 Gov. race. If Rossi sticks to his plan to prove that the 2004 Gov. election out come can not prove a win or a loss either way, then the Democrats are making the case for Rossi's election contest.

Right now there are so many number of felon votes and illegally counted votes, it's hard to get a true total. The time lines for Ballots found, and when the public was notified, makes it confusing to tally. The nearest tally I can come up with is just under 4000 questionable Ballots. If this is close, then that number represents 28 times the margin of victory.

BY Roy Boy

Roy WA.

Democrats try to subvert destiny through legal maneuvering
Wednesday, April 13, 2005


OrbusmaxWA GOV CONTEST:Democrats claim GOP skipped 432 felon voter
Sound PoliticsDemocrats help Rossi prove case
Democrats said yesterday that they've found 432 felons who appear to have voted illegally in November but were ignored by Republicans in their legal challenge to the governor's election.******************************************************************Stolen Washington Governor's Race Heats UpThe Radio EqualizerVoting Felons: 648
GOP's Challenge Gets Boost, Dems Have Strange Response
(Saturday Update)
Is King County now making the GOP's case for throwing out the disputed 2004 Washington state gubernatorial election? That's what party chairman Chris Vance correctly concludes.*******************************************************************


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