Saturday, April 23, 2005

Braking News: Calling on the people of Washington Rep's & Dem's

April 22, 2005     
The Governor’s election mess just got messier.  Attorneys fighting for a ReVote just forced King County Elections officials to admit they printed individual ballots ‘on demand’ during the election.  No tracking. No accounting. No record kept at all. This latest revelation came during pre-trial depositions. The court trial on the lawsuit challenging the election begins May 23.
A successful lawsuit is now our only hope for a ReVote of the troubled Governor’s election. You know the Legislature refused to call for a new election even after a quarter of a million of us – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – signed the petition.  Lawmakers ducked. They said the courts should decide.  Attorneys for former Sen. Dino Rossi filed a lawsuit – an election ‘contest.’ 
This latest election mess revelation comes on top of more ‘found ballots’ in King County this month, news that a ‘faked' King County Absentee Ballot Report was used to certify the election, and the inexplicable fact that King County tallied more votes than voters.
We want to restore the integrity of our voting process.
We support the court fight.  If Sen. Rossi wins, and the State Supreme Court upholds the lower court decision, the election can be nullified, the Governor’s Office declared vacant, and a new election can be held this fall.  We will have a ReVote. We will begin to restore our faith in the bedrock of democracy: fair elections.
We'd like you to consider helping make the most of this opportunity to right a grievous wrong.
A legal fight is expensive.  For example, legal teams have spent months in various county building basements sifting through voter cards and gathering other evidence. Each document needed has to be copied and stamped ‘official,’ with a $2 fee attached!  Thousands have been spent just on documentation.  Thousands of hours have been logged by a top-ranked legal team mounting the best possible case for a new election. We understand that the cost of bringing the lawsuit has reached $1 million dollars.
ReVoteWA would like to donate $50,000* toward legal fees in Sen. Rossi's election contest case.  This is only a fraction of overall costs, but ReVoteWa petitioners could add much-needed fuel to the legal engine powering this case in court.
As we have spent nearly all of the $46,000 donated by ReVoteWa petition signers on television advertising, website administration, required election law reporting, bookkeeping and other paperwork, we are asking for your help now in the critical legal battle. 
We ask the ReVoteWa petitioners who elected to stay on our email list to consider making a donation, either via Pay Pal (click link below)
or a check mailed to: Revotewashington, 321 High School Rd, #622, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.
If we all donate $10, $20, or $30, we could make that contribution and strike a real blow for election reform in Washington State. The Revote office will tally the contributions, send them on to the legal team and report back via e-mail to you. 
Let's keep the fight going for a Revote!
Thank you,
Sharon Gilpin
*ReVoteWa will retain ten percent of all money donated for its administrative overhead.  Should we receive more than $60,000 in total, we will hold any extra funds in reserve to support further legal challenges such as Supreme Court appeals.


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