Friday, April 08, 2005

The Democrats open there base in Campaign finance law

This is the crookedest bunch in Olympia, in the states history.
The Dem's will go to any length to through an election in there direction.
It is not enough that they have refused to investigate the fraud in the 2004 election. Even with the evidence that has come forward in the past cupel of months, weeks days, hours, :??. I.E. falsified documents, more absent tee ballot than registered absent tee voters, misplaced ballots and disenfranchised military voters.
let alone the dead, felons and non resident.The Democrats do not want election reform they never did, it was just a big show, IT IS OFF THE TABLE IN OLYMPIA.

Now there hedging there financial bets with the shadow government the union. Lets not forget that some of the deep pocket of corporations thats non unions must pay off the party to keep from winding up like Wal-mart being harassed constantly. - - - -
Roy Boy

“Emergency” amendment would overturn Supreme Court decision and create campaign finance loophole for business and laborEvergreen Freedom FoundationOLYMPIA House amendment to Senate Bill 5034 (which passed the Senate last month) would open a huge loophole in Washington’s campaign finance law by eliminating the requirement that the affiliates of corporations and labor unions share a single campaign contribution limit.
Under the current law (RCW 42.17.660), there is a single contribution limit imposed on the affiliates of corporations and labor unions to ensure that large organizations do not dilute the influence of private citizens in state elections.


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