Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Democrat's take pay off from Union

It may seem harmless enough, Unions taking dues from it's members to give to the Democrat party. In return the Unions get there political agendas through the legislature.

Look at this, the unions own the State workers, the same people who write W.A.C cods (Washington Administrative Code) the code that each administrative office creates in order to establish how to interpret the R.C.W.'s past by the Legislature. So the Union influences the Governor, the Legislature and the Employees. Who runs the State? Definitely not the people.

This is only one example of conflict. Also the gossip is a rule has been past that Employees have to pay full dues, union or not.

I submit the Unions are influence peddling. While the Democrats are showing a conflict of interest in representing there constituency.
Unions have no place in Government, or at lest should not be aloud to campaign or contribute to campaigns.
BY Roy Boy

Democrats to restore rule on fund-raising

KENNETH P. VOGEL; The News Tribune
Last updated: April 20th, 2005 05:59 AM
The Democrats who control the Legislature are pushing to save a stream of labor union cash that has flooded their campaigns for years.

A state Supreme Court decision last fall struck down a rule that allowed multiple local affiliates of state or national groups to pour maximum contributions into single campaigns.

But as the Legislature heads toward Sunday’s scheduled adjournment, Democratic lawmakers are poised to reinstate the rule over the objection of Republicans.

GOP lawmakers accuse Democrats of making an end-run around the Supreme Court to protect their re-election efforts. A battle is expected to unfold on the floor of the state Senate.


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