Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Half truths and in-u-windows

Don't you just love it when when the libs tell only half of a story with their slanted outlook on life?

Joel Connelly conveniently left out some facts that puts his op- ed in a slightly different light.
For instance, Howard Dean's Seattle stop was to cater to the Seattle elite pockets. However, he was right about Seattle being the focus of politicians. They know that Seattle carries the state in elections.
Joel also conveniently left out, when pointing out Dave Reichert gets some of his campaign money from pac's, that all politicians take pac money. Joel also points out how this pac money keeps the Republicans in power. I would summit that the Democrats can take credit for keeping the Republicans in power.
And, maybe, if the Dem's were to work with industry, i.e. "The National Mining Association", the Dem's would be getting that pac money too. In regards to the Nickels donor list, it has been forever that businesses have to grease politicians on both sides of the fence to keep from being over burdened with regulations and taxes.

Heading to B.C... ha ha ha! Is that the best government that money can buy? I don't know where Joel has been. Obviously he was not paying attention to the news. The liberals may bring the Canadian Government to it's knees with the money laundering and kick backs. It looks like Joel is painting the liberal party in Canada with the environmental brush. I noticed he did the same thing with the republicans. It's just a little spin to get the watermelons worked up I guess.

Columnist or Communist, when painting with a large brush, should beware of runs. They have a habit of looking ugly. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BY Roy Boy


In the Northwest: Politicians in hot pursuit of -- what else? -- money


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