Saturday, April 02, 2005

King County doesn't have Brans Enough ? to pourer -- - - - -

We can count one cretin things in this world, DEATH & TAXIS.

NOW we have something else to add, The mutilation of your dead Ass
Just like parting out a 1957 Chev

Its not enough that the GOVERNMENT taxis you to death they then take your estate i.e. DEATH TAX. Now that is not enough, there selling off your body parts too.

[all kidding aside]

In humanity there is nothing more sacred than a human dead or alive. We regard our bodies as sacred temples. No one or no entity has right of passage without due process. As in the Terri Schiavo case, with out Terri's written consent to end her life, her temple was violated. Selling body parts with out the consent of the donor is violating that persons temple. Your body belongs to you, now and for eternity. Nether family, spouse or government has the right to sell or authorize the sale of some ones body or body parts. Nor has any one the right to terminate some one who simply can not nourish them selves, with out due process i.e. there personal consent.

That gray matter is all you are or ever hope to be for ever.

Roy Boy

Josef's Public Journal

Crime Against Humanity


Coroner Profits Without Consent From Tissue Sales

King County Signed Contract to Profit From Autopsies: Selling Brains of Mentally Ill

Same Practices as King County's Brings Maine Lawsuits


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