Saturday, April 23, 2005

King County Election Fraud Unveiled

OK now are you liberal whiners ready to concede that there was fraud committed in the 2004 election?
Printing ballots on demand during the election, now we know why there were more ballots than voters. Then certifying the results, knowing full well that the books could not be justified.

Now maybe the Fed's will step in with some new rope. This has got to be the most corrupt county and City in the country. I say this because no one would act al-own in this scam with out felling comfortable that there was support backing them up. It would be to risky to go out on a limb with out knowing who they could trust. My bet is this has been going on for some time, and only came to light do to the closeness of the election.

One has to ask them selves what else is going on in Seattle/King County under the table and behind closed doors.
And dose it stop there? Is there a slug trail leading to the Governors mansion or the legislature?
BY Roy Boy

Stefan Sharkansky
More on the Depositions
I just spoke with Chris Vance. He's not yet able to release the actual deposition transcripts until the court reporter issues a clean, proofread and redacted copy on Monday. In the meantime, he is able to characterize the essence of Dean Logan and Bill Huennekens testimony, without actually quoting them. Here are the amazing highlights --

The Governor’s election mess just got messier. Attorneys fighting for a ReVote just forced King County Elections officials to admit they printed individual ballots ‘on demand’ during the election. No tracking. No accounting. No record kept at all. This latest revelation came during pre-trial depositions. The court trial on the lawsuit challenging the election begins May 23


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