Monday, April 04, 2005

Logical thought, practical wisdom will prevail

Thera Black you should be a Blogger. Keep it up.

Letters to the Editor
Thera Black, Olympia

Logical thought, practical wisdom will prevail

Political correctness enforced by a liberal agenda has permeated and weakened bedrock principles of democracy that are basic for our freedom.

Why? Why is there a breakdown in education, police procedures and lifestyles in general? Why is there open war against religion?

Answer: State and federal legislators fear political reprisal if they attempt to eradicate the rot and decay. Note these following examples:

Ward Churchill, a tenured professor at University of Colorado, delivers a dark message to his students. He attacks Sept. 11 terrorist victims as "Little Eichmanns." This from a man who lies about his American Indian heritage and plagiarizes his publications. How many like Churchill, entrenched by tenure, spread their poison across our educational landscape?

Sex education runs wild. What started as advanced health education 40 years ago has grown into a monster. Abstinence and hygiene were never the real liberal goals. The introduction of alternative lifestyles appears to be the original game plan. Tax-funded public education is out of control.

Political correctness trumps common sense. In Georgia, a prisoner went berserk and killed a judge and court stenographer. He overpowered a female deputy who was 51 years of age and 5 feet tall because he was unshackled. Why did security break down? Because the court was more worried about the jury's opinion of a handcuffed prisoner than the security of others.

The microscope of reason brings into focus the brazen objectives of the far left.

Logical thought and practical wisdom will prevail!


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