Monday, April 04, 2005

What the Democrat Coup d'etat has brought to the State

(kooh day-tah)
Can we stand another year of Democrat rule?

The dirty secret
of auto ton-age tax and the gas tax.
We will all pay it and those who have autos will pay it twice.
If any one thinks that comical vehicle are going to be paying the bulk of the revenue for a new road tax, think again. That tax will be computed out over the year as the coast of doing business. The consumer will pay that plus the new add gas tax.
The consumer will actually be paying twice if they also have to pay ton-age. The person who makes his living with his pick-up will have to suck it up if he can't pass along the coast. Like families that can only afford only one vehicle, and that happens to be a pick-up i.e. farmers, they are the ones who get stuck.
The poor are the people who get hit the hardest.
You folks in s.u.v. Ha... there is a move a foot to get you off the road all to gather, this could be part of it.

What no one has talked about for some time is what happened to the highway revenue for the past 12 years. It has be in the last 2 years that road construction has been doing any thing. Prior to that we went through a 10 year period where only 5 miles of new road were built. NO one has answered the question were did the revenue go for that 10 year period. The Department of Transportation could not account for it and there was no audit. I believe it was the Evergreen Freedom Foundation who brought it to light. For some reason it faded away. This question is I'm sure one of the reasons that people are fed up with the states quo. .

As an example D.H.S.S. 25 million that was over spent, has any one question as to where it went? I doubt it and even if it was questioned it would never be audited.

So the net results are coast of living is on the way up, the coast of doing business is on it's way up, the coast of doing the states business is on it's way up, taxis are on there way up, the coast of autos are on there way up And utilities are on the way up.

On the way down is life stiles, business climate i.e. jobs and the amount of cash you have to spend.
It looks like a recession by design.
Roy Boy


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