Monday, April 25, 2005

What do High gas prices, hose cans, and locking gas caps have in common?

Gas thieves are on the loose in washington, with exorbitant coast that we pay for the liquid gold, the juvenile population looking for cursing fluid are using the Oklahoma credit card for there purchases.
As we well know by now the price is going up, and so are the incidences of the gutter-perches bandits.

Auto supply store should profit from bough sides of the issue, locking gas caps, hose and gas cans.
The problem with locking gas caps are one key fits most caps.
It will probably get worse with the additional coast of living hike by the past legislature.

Now why KOMO stated that this was happening to parked cars is puzzling. I have a hard time visualizing some one stealing gas from a moving auto.

BY Roy Boy

Sign of The Times? Thieves Now Stealing Gas From Parked CarsLizRoccaLAKEWOOD - Has it really come to this? With pump prices so high, some people are stealing gas from their neighbors.

"When I walked up, the gas door was open, there was gas running down the side of my car, the gas cap was on the ground," said Stephanie Fitch.

She knew she'd been hit by gas thieves -- and brazen thieves too.

They struck in broad daylight in the parking lot of a Lakewood Safeway. Stephanie came out of the store with her groceries to find two men parked next to her.


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