Wednesday, May 04, 2005

2005 legislature WE are coming to get YOU

Today a Law suit was filed with the State Supreme Court contesting the emergency claws the 2005 legislature in acted to push the highest tax ingress in the States history. In order to for the Democrats in Olympia to implement there tax drive, they first had to get past 601 which limits spending. This was done by implementing the emergency claws, that allows the legislature to bypass spending limits. This was not for an emergency declared for a specific Bill, this was for the over 200 tax hikes passed by the 2005 legislature.
The big question is what was or is the emergency? While there is or was sufficient funds to run the state, tax hikes are to fund NEW PROJECTS.
What of this has become apparent is the Democrats are buying futures, elections and favors with tax payers wallets.
The truth is there was no emergency, this was a ploy to keep the tax payers from using the referendum process to bring these tax hikes to a vote by the people of the State.

The initiative process starting to heat up, I-900, Eyman is back for round three to keep the $30.00 license fee. Also a no gas tax campaign has been launched to repeal the $.09 gas tax.

Not only did the Democrats deviously get around spending limits, they are stealing money from other ear marked accounts. Tobacco foes decry Legislature dipping into prevention funding, the money stolen from the tobacco co.s that has been ear marked for adolescent
tobacco prevention.

Washington State Democrats we Know what you did and why. We will see you in the courts and at the ballot box.
BY Roy Boy

Sound Politics
Defending I-601

A collection of citizen groups filed suit with the Supreme Court to allow a referendum on the legislature's evisceration of voter-mandated budget restraints:

Lawsuit questions changes to tax initiative
By Andrew Garber

Seattle Times Olympia bureau

OLYMPIA — A lawsuit that supporters say could unravel tax increases recently passed by the state Legislature was filed with the state Supreme Court yesterday.

Groups ask Supreme Court to force acceptance of 601 referendum
5/3/2005, 2:20 p.m. PT
The Associated Press

The Washington State Farm Bureau and several other organizations on Tuesday asked the state Supreme Court to order Secretary of State Sam Reed to accept a voter referendum on the Legislature's overhaul of voter-approved tax-and-spending limits.


At 4:30 PM, Blogger dailyread said...

Hey Roy Boy,
If you want to start an argument, you are going to have to change the subject. The only problem I have with your logic is that you differentiate between Democrats and Republicans. In my experience, there is no difference between the two parties...especially in State politics. Whichever party wields the gavel will be the party picking your pocket. Otherwise, most of your points are well taken.

When I lived in Roy (1963-64) it had a population of 289 people, and was a great place to raise hell. The Rodeo Dance was held out at Lawrence was a great time. I was just out of high school back then, and worked in the Gull Station next to Plumley's restaurant. (Sure do miss those days and the folks who helped fill them).


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