Friday, May 20, 2005

Blogs to help get you through the Weekend, until Court feedback MONDAY!

I am felling puny so I grabbed some things to browse that may be of interest, and again they may not.
Roy Boy

Right On! A Conservative Opinion
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Gourmet Coffee Recipes

Dear Washington: If That's The Way They Do It In Oregon...
Currently Washington State is on a headlong dive into vote-by-mail elections.

Head West, Turn Right
Friday, May 20, 2005
Developers and Enviros get cozy

Yesterday, to much media fanfare , the Cascade Land Conservancy announced its 100 year plan for preserving forests and farmlands in Washington. Strangely, as of this writing, the CLC’s website is silent regarding the plan.


Tom Delay's prosecutor gives a public speech in which he calls his quarry a bully. The speech raised money
for local Democrats. Details:

Sound Politics
Sound Commentary on Current Events in Seattle, Puget Sound and Washington State


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