Sunday, May 01, 2005

Former AG Christine Gregoire is just loaded down with all those bills to be signed

The former AG Gregoire has it rough with signing all the bills past by the democrat legislature. All 523 of them, that are for the most part BS.

Like the highway bill that targets Seattle and HOV lanes, with millions going to studies and more studies, and studies on the studies.

One that lowers taxes on tobacco (SB 6097) then another one that raises taxes on tobacco (HB 2314).

SB 6078 an 'up yours' to the will of the people.

SB 6090 forensics ward at Western State Hospital? I think that the state is trying to horn in on King Co.'s brains for dollars scam.

Homeless study is as asinine as they get. A $10.00 filing fee on real-estate and housing, to study the homeless? Give me a brake.

And of course, the DEMOCRATS favorite: VOTE-BY-MAIL.

This does not take in account the nearly 150 R.C.W. changes dealing with water rights alone.
BY Roy Boy
Legislature loads up governor’s to-do box

JOSEPH TURNER AND KENNETH P. VOGEL; The News TribuneLast updated: May 1st, 2005 07:23 AM
Gov. Christine Gregoire has signed or vetoed 226 bills sent to her by the Legislature – and she isn’t even halfway done.

A busy Legislature passed 523 bills during the 105-day session that ended last Sunday, more than any Legislature in at least the past 10 years. Only 1997, when lawmakers sent then-Gov. Gary Locke 519 bills, was close.

So far, Gregoire has used her veto pen sparingly. She has rejected parts of only six bills and vetoed two bills in their entirety, but only because the House and the Senate sent her identical versions of the same bills.


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