Tuesday, May 24, 2005

King County and the Democrat party is showing an deviant streak in Wanatchee Court

While the biggest story in Washington State' political history unfolds in Wenatchee, the Associated Press carries the MSM's except one.

It strikes me funny that the news papers in the sound area carry the AP story of the election challenge in Wenatchee. Given credit where credit is due, David Postman at the Seattle Times is running a time line blog style post on the Seattle Times Web page. The Olympian runs excerpts of AP as updates while the front page leads with yesterdays news.

If you want, a blow by blow account you will need to go on the web to TVW or NWCN for some resin I have difficult time with on dial up with my mac.

The most comprehensive coverage, I believe is Sound Politics a blog sight that has devoted its time and resources to the contest from the very beginning. Actually was instrumental in getting the ball rolling with Stefan Sharkansky' s investigative reporting the old fashion way.
For other related blog post go to Orbusmax and get the latest post from bloggers from the North West. Some have different views some bring you the news. Most blogs run way a head of print and the talking heads.

I don't want to for get talk radio host Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson at KVI 570. Witch works well on dial up.Why I pointed this out is, one; it is history in the making, two; if you don't get this story up front you will be at the mercy of the MSM's and the politician’s spin when the next election rolls around.

Roy Boy


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