Friday, May 27, 2005

No mater how its calculated 1 =1

While I don't clam to be a mathematical genus, it seems to me that the Democrat's ecological analyst is about as elusive, as Hodeanie. It is a hard thing for the liberals to grasp, that numbers are absolutes. Liberals like to play games with words, they have a knack for twisting things to suet there agenda. But numbers, now thats a different thing all together.

In the King Co. precincts the only absolutes are the percentages that went to ether party. The hole number is false, that is what needs to be corrected. This is based on the assumption that this discrepancy is a mistake in the way the votes were tallied. If the ballots were stuffed, then the percentage and the hole number is false.

Take the number 100, if you assign 60 to Dem's and 40 to Rep's the total is still 100.
60% and 40% are absolutes also together they = 1 x 100. Regardless of the hole number 60% is
.60 of 1 or 3/5 of 1, likewise 40% is .40 of 1 or 2/5 of 1.

Now if we find out that 10 units were put in to the 100 units by mistake, and there is no way to know or identify the ten units in question. How do we subtract 10 units with out changing the out come?
The percentage stays the same, 60% of 10 = 3/5 or 6 units, and 40% of 10 = 2/5 or 4 unit.
Now the number for the Dem's is 54, and rep's is 36 the same percentage as it was before deduction. The hole number is now 80. The error was corrected by subtracting proportionately from each party. The Dem's still hold the same lead at 60%, in that precinct.

If the ballots were stuffed then the hole number may be obtained if the number of over votes is known. How ever the percentage can not be reconciled. All of the ballots in that precinct would be tainted, with no way to reconcile them. Stuffing the ballots changes the outcome of the election.
Has any one at the Rossi camp asked how many registered voters who didn't vote in the 2005 election?
I will be willing to bet there were thousands who did not vote, 99% 98%. There has never been a 100% turnout in an election. However 2005 election was 101%, go figure.

The Democrats with there VODO analysis is a mater of adding stats to the formula in order to obtain a homogenized out come that has nothing to do with reaching the answer to a third grad math problem. Its a net trick if it doesn't change the percentage received by both parties. Then to ask felons how they voted is to give them two votes instead of nun. Say they voted for Dem's, then testify they voted Rep, who can prove different? A 100 felons now give the Dem's + 200 votes, when they don't have a right to a vote in the first place. Its the same thing as calling for a revote with the testimony of felons to reach an outcome to the election contest.
By the Roy Boy


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