Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Gold Digger in the Governors Mansion

I don't know if this has hit the bloggesphere or not, but thought it worth a mention. It's a
prime example of how the Dem's are blowing your money for self power. At the rate the former A.G. is spending the States' money, we should be looking at bankruptcy in about four years.
The Roy Boy

Governor owes state workers an apology

Tom Fitzsimmons, Gov. Christine Gregoire's chief of staff, had the gall to go on 710 KIRO radio and try to justify the governor giving her Cabinet a 16 percent raise.

What was that justification?

When asked by the host how he thought the rank and file would take this since they have been without a raise for four years, Fitzsimmons said: "It's because it was necessary for recruitment, and in fairness to get the best and the brightest people to come to work for state government. The world changes, these are very talented people, they work hard, they are very dedicated, they are great public servants, they deserve a decent wage, they are very intelligent, they are the best and the brightest people."

Well, excuse me, I am a state worker, and I am one of those rank and file, and it just so happens every state worker I have worked around in 15 years meets every one of those criteria.

Fitzsimmons has pretty much proven to all of us now exactly what management thinks of the people who actually do the work.

So we thank him for finally telling us how we are thought of for our hard work.

How callous Fitzsimmons' remarks are. I believe he and the governor owe every Washington state employee an apology.

Ron Allotta, Lacey


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