Wednesday, June 08, 2005

North West Bloggers Thank you!

I will be slow for a while, as I am having to use a PC to post with. This is like going back to the stone age. I can use only one monitor, and trying to retrieve URLs is a chore.
My old G3 Mac bit the big one. All things must pass sooner or later. It suffered a stroke, and passed to the big apple in the sky.

before I take a splitting mall to this slow creeping pile of junk I would like to extends my gratitude and thanks to the bloggers whom kept us posted with the braking news in the election contest.

At the front of the pack is Sound Politics, whom should receive an award for the hard work and dedication that was put forth with the investigative reporting on organize election mistake in King Co.

Orbusmax pulled it altogether with links to both sides of the issue. As well as links to the trial.

And I have to give a hat doff to Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson at KVI Radio.

The hunt for a red November

By The Roy Boy


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