Friday, June 24, 2005

U.S. Supreme Court flirting with homicide

High court rules cities may seize homes for economic development

By Hope Yen
The Associat


The U.S. supreme Court has finely stooped to murder. The trigger has been pulled, the fuse has been lit. The only problem is where this deed will take place, or against who. It may be some pore bastard who thinks he has a right to defend his property. Or maybe some city hall vaperized by a bomb, planted by some distort property owner. Hell it might even be one of the Supremes that gets wasted.
Regardless, the supreme Court bares the responsibility, by making laws and undermining the U.S. Constitution. This opens up the biggest graff, influence peddling, behind closed door dealings since proabishion. A lot of people will get hurt before this wrong is righted, mostly the innocent land owner.
the Roy Boy


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