Friday, July 15, 2005

The only thing wrong with Politics in Washington State....

Washington State Government has a history of pushing things on to the people that are unwarranted, coast a lot of money and benefit a few. Most of the problems emanate from
Seattle, King County, a bastion of welfare recipients from business to the homeless. Also a harbinger of lawyers in the upper high dollar category, wheeling and dealing with the politicians in the City, County and State to ether maintain or further there stature in the food chain. Over the years with a slight of hand hear and a push of the limits there,The slightly shady dealings have gotten shader and shader and excepted as the norm. This translates to a core of corruption that fans through out State Government and the Judiciary.

Remember lawyers grow up to be politicians and judges, and there is an incestual relationship between lawyers, politicians and judges.

Now the question, what is the motivating factor in this grand elusion? Well, Money, of corse. Cash probably not, favors you bet, that translate in to millions of tax dollars. "You get a sports stadium and we will get you the governorship". The unions, if the legislature will scratch our back we will scratch yours. Could someone let the supreme Court no if a ruling is needed to go in favor of the State? Look at the laws passed in this past Legislation, make work for attorneys and big construction companies i.e. union, all big donors to the Demarcate party.

I have believed all along that Judge Bridges was playing a little game of rope-a-dope with the election challenge. Look at the Judge who decided to call political commentary and editorials a campaign contribution. Now the Supreme Court rules the State can put an emergency claus on a Bill for any reason at any time.

We have seen what the Democrats in this passed legislation did to over through the will of the people of this state.

Prominent law firms with a definite conflict of interest, filling suttees and lobbing against the people to protect there financial gain with doing business with the state government.
The bottom line is, crooked Lawyers, crooked Politicians and crooked Judges.
This State has become so crooked that it's beginning to look like Mexico's Government. Could it be why illegals are so welcome, you don't have to train them to deal with a corrupt Government.
The Roy Boy


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