Friday, August 19, 2005

The Bastards are coming for your land

It is getting to the point that a body can't take a good old fashion country cow piss with out it being declared a wet land.

A 1000-sf. is nothing more than a mud hole, some of our roads meet that description. A 1000-sf hardly seems like a critical area, based on scientific findings. Remember most houses start at 1200-sf or more. Just how many mosquitoes live in a 1000-sf mud hole? It look more like a health problem than a wild life habitat concern.

I have a wet wether stream on my property, where I created a pond. I imported cat tails and yellow flags, along with some lilies and lemon grass. I through in some special shrub willows, pampas grass and a small 8x12ft building to store food for ducks and gees. It looks good,and I created a small area for wild foul to amuse me in there quest for food and nesting. It did not make for better water quality, every cupel of years I have to drain and clean the crap from the pond.
This is of my choosing for my benefit , and a lot of other folks have done much the same.
Most people like to think they are living close to God's creatures, and enjoy creating a little nitch for the critters of there choice.
What I don't need some pen-headed bureaucrat or the government telling me what I can or can't do with my property.

This is a repeat of what has happened in King County, and will not stop until the property rights of the hole State is ham-strung. This is not just the concern of the people of Thurston County, it concerns us all. We are next.

If the county wants wet land then let the County buy it.
by the Roy Boy

# Buffers around streams, now between 25 and 100 feet, would widen to 100 to 250 feet.

# Any wetlands bigger than 1,000 square feet would be off limits for development. Wetlands smaller than 11,000 square feet in the county growth areas and smaller than 22,000 square feet in the rural county are now exempt from building restrictions.

# Buffers around lakes, ponds and marine shores would double from about 50 feet to 100 feet.

# The ordinance also includes new exemptions to make the changes less of a hardship to homeowners. Existing development will be grandfathered in, and people who have homes near a wetland will now be allowed to add up to 500 square feet to the footprint of their house.

# If someone has property with less than 5,000 square feet of buildable land because of a wetland, property owners can encroach into the wetland as much as they need to to get 5,000 square feet.
What's next

A formal public hearing on the proposed critical areas rule changes is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Thurston Expo Center on the Thurston County Fairgrounds, 3054 Carpenter Road S.E., Lacey. More information on the proposed changes is available at www. under the heading "Long Range PlanningCritical Areas Update."

Stricter water rules divisive



Thurston County residents with streams, ponds, wetlands or lakes on their property and dreams of development are worried their investments will go down the drain once the county adopts new rules to protect groundwater and Puget Sound.


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