Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The City of Fools

Via: Orbusmax

Olympia gives initial OK to `nuclear-free' zone

What a bunch of idiots.
This is the typical crap that comes out of our State,s Capital City. I have to wander if the complaints of military ordnance being shipped through Olympia are from the towns people, or a few activist suck-ups at Evergreen Collage. I doubt very seriously that the Navy will even consider renaming a war ship to satisfy a bunch of fools. If they were to rename the USS Olympia, the Navy could call it the USS City of Fools, if want to keep with the City's namesake. Like the City has a copy right on the name Olympia, the home of the God of War.
As for the 32 companies connected with nuclear weapons production, I hope the State is prepared to go back to pencil and paper. I don't think that there is a computer made that hasn't got some component that can't be linked to a nuclear device or its execution.

Just maybe the City of Olympia is willing to give up its tax dollars from the State and federal government, that are generated by the 32 companies in question.
the Roy Boy


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