Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Getting ready for the up and coming elections

King County needs 600 poll workers

Or should it be, King County needs 600 new patsies to blame for voter fraud, if it look like they may get caught trying to through another election.

Think about why Nicole Way is being fired and Dean Logan is still running the show.
Boy and Girls there is no election reform, the Dem,s have just circled the wagons. In fact they have made it essayer to commit fraud and harder to prove it.

Who in there right mind would work for the King County Elections Board? A person who has integrity, would do well in steering clear of a crooked election board. You know, you shower don't want to raise any red flags or you will be fired. Or worse yet, you could make front page as incompetent worker as the board plays C.Y.A.

EEa-What a bunch of maroons.
The Roy Boy


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