Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Same Song a Little Differant Tune

Here we go the Democrats running down President Bush's speech with some hacked up right leaning diatribe. Basically, what he said, but we can do it better. You know that it irks the Dems to think that social security will be taken out of there grubby mitts. They would have to find something different to chum votes from the people. Not only that, they would not be able to dip in to the the funds. Typical redirect, the Dems don't want to fix any thing that can be held over the peoples heads like a dangling carrot on a string. If they fixed any thing it would take away from there arsenal of deceptive bag tricks. The less tricks the less power. The scenario go's something like this, don't let the Republicans touch or or fix social security. And just as it reaches the point of going broke, the Dems rally the people, sound the call, the Dems are here to save the day. Those Republicans did it, they drove social security in the ground. We can do it better, we have a plan. Through some money at it, cut benefits rase the age limit, rase taxes and tax the receptions. The Dems foreign policy? To sum it up in a nut shell, they would have us kissing A$$ with every dictator and radical on the planet. The Dems like tyrants, and you have to ask your self why? Could it be that its there stand on human rights or because it is essayer to do under the table dealings. One thing is for shower, its not for the good of the oppressed people or the citizens of the U.S.


Ballets Votes and Mental Masturbation

what part of fraud don't you under stand? what part of illegitimate don't you understand? what part of reconcile don't you understand? what part of illegal understand? ......Which is correct 9+7 are 19 OR 9+7 is 19. While you are trying to decide the "are's and is's", you mite think for a fleeting moment about reconciling your check book. Or better still write a check for a thousand dollars over your balance. It could be fraud if proven intent. ......In RE: to ballets it dose not matter whether it is an accident, intentional or illegitimate it is for all purposes fraud. Or another way to look at it is a ballet is an entity. To become a vote it has to be legitimate, free of any marks, alteration or spindling. Or aside from its original printing, no other marks except those placed there by the legitimate voter as per instruction. If these conditions are met the ballet is ready to be tabulated. ......A vote is affirmation of a ballets legitimacy. Nothing more nothing less. It has the value of 1 no more no less. A Ballet = vote or one. So when someone says every vote should count, its like saying 1 should = 1. "Some things just are" ......The ballet if not canvassed (validated) (legitimized) (screened) or processed properly are not allowed to grow up to be votes. These are not valid ballet, no matter if by accident, misinformed, mechanical error, or deliberate malfeasants it is not a legal ballet. The canvassing board has limited powers to do any thing more than reconcile, adjust and report errors. At this Point if any ballet is tabulated, given a value equaling the number 1, (vote) that has not met all the criteria to become ligament, IT IS FRAUDULENT VOTE. ......The only bering fraud in this case wood have in a criminal case would be if it could be proven that a person or a group of people deliberately conspired to commit fraud. ......Therefor enhanced ballets, felons, dead people, provisionals counted with out validation, nonresidents and those whom voted twice not to mention that there are more votes (1's) than registered voters. take the sum of all and give the D's 75% and the R's still wen in a 50/50 race because there are more votes than registered voters. Thats saying that 100% + turned out to vote of registered voters. I doubt 90% acutely voted. Ho Yes The answer is 16. See its all in the you look at it.