Monday, February 07, 2005


It should not come as a great surprise that the Google news would be biased in their selection of news sources . After all, look at what is bundled in most all news reader software; BBC, CNN, MSMBC, PBS and a lot of left leaning special interest groups. So we sort through all the news resources to customize our own personal preferences.

The Radio Equalizer; "What he said". And though we like what the little pointy headed geeks produce, it's hard to buy in to their paranoid world. Being a new-be I have to wonder why an investigative reporter, who has documentation to their story, wouldn't be welcome to any news outlet. I know, however, times are a changing.

It is my belief that the leftist propaganda machines will buckel under as the new media redefines news journalism. From the Kernels of truth will come the multitudes seeking its reality. And those who are content on listening to the pap from the liberal news media, do so in order to justify their own out-look on life. (You can only manipulate a manipulator.)

I know that radio talk show hosts pick up on blogs. And if enough impact is made, the news paper will reluctantly move on it, only after they distort it enough so that who ever reads it is totally confused. Maybe there needs to be a blogger's editor desk. But then that would be creating our own bureaucracy.

One thing is for sure, I don't believe main stream media is doing investigative reporting. They don't even seem to get a story right when their own reporters are eye witness to an event. I think somewhere, for those who do sift through the debris and get to the root of a story, have got to prevail. And those who are nothing more than propagandists for the lefts LITIGARCHY will expose themselves for what they are.