Friday, February 18, 2005

Seattle, King County Land Owners vs. Green Democrats

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Seattle dreams of 'green' team
Mayor urging other U.S. cities to enact Kyoto Protocol


The U.S. government may have turned its back on the Kyoto Protocol, but Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels said yesterday he plans to spearhead a city-by-city effort to implement the climate-protection measures that went into effect in more than 100 other countries yesterday.

Comming To Your Naborhood Soon!

My Openion:
What did you folks in King Co. expect from Mayor Nickels? The people of East King County are the receptions of the land grab by these eco- terrorist. What go's for Seattle will eventually go for the state.

These Greenies are nothing but a bunch of anti- capitalist anti- American anti- property ownership and about 45 degrees left of plumb. Operating under the facade of bio-diversity, "thats protecting the earth from man". At least that is the scam they use to embezzle money from governments and followers. Now there are also other groups that has the same agenda. And they are all connected by that same goal, down with America and all that it represents.

In East King County War has been declared, But do you know your adversary or adversaries? Mayor Greg Nickels and King Co. Counsel may be where your arsenal is aimed, but they are probably no more than self indulgent liberals, thinking they can make a name for them selves by saving the world. When in truth the people like the Greenies are behind the lobbying and palm greasing. And it doze not stop in King Co. it is prevalent in Olympia as well as in Washington D.C.

The Dems will sell there mothers if it mite gain a vote, " they have no souls". Yes I will say it the Democrats are unpatriotic and morally bankrupt.
All one has to do is look at what and who the Dems support. Look at what is going on in Olympia, 2073 Bills introduced in this session. And every one of them are ether look good or take something away from the people they should to be representing. Instead of every left wing anti- American group that has a buck to slip in to the coffers.