Friday, February 25, 2005

The 51st State "Columbia"

If Washington State were to split in to two states. It would be a short termfix for Eastern Washington. And a disaster for Western Washington's political and economic future.

Western Wa. would become the Socialist Democrat State of Washington as would
East Wa. in about 20 to 30 years. What will happen is, regardless of where the capital would be located Spokane would become the new Seattle of the east.

Hears why, lets say the capital was Mosses Lake, after all the democrats, special interest group and lobbyist move in. And the Unionized state labor force takes over, you will have a
liberal mecca of left leaning voters. And if that is not enough Spokane by its
demographics would become the federal side of the equation. With all the federal
offices, courts, hippies, protesters, unions and state offices, you have another mecca
for liberals. Now there are two liberal population centers that out numbers the population of the restof the state.
BINGO we are right back where we started.
There is only two options available, one is to nuke Seattle or make Seattle a
separate county. Personally I like the first however who would we get to do it. that
leaves only one option left. We would gain another Republican County. This cuts the liberal base of King Co. down. And there are enough R.s in the New Co. to offset the
D.s. And there would be more R.s in Olympia.

AND AND! Then sterilize every one in Seattle.

All kidding aside this is the only way that I can see to take back the control of the
state for the sake of the People of the State.