Friday, March 25, 2005

Judge with a broken statue

It's Dam funny to me how some one can steal a car, or get a D.U.I. and walk.
If the only thing in this world folks had to worry about is stepping in dog shit we would be in utopia.

I don't condone loose animals, on the other hand I don't condone loose cannons. Of corse here in Roy, the once home of Judge Roy Bean we tend to handle things a little different. If Judge Roy Bean were faced with this case He would have ruled along the lines of a $5.00 fine and open the bar for drinks with the dog.

Woman Sentenced To Jail For Having Loose Dog
March 22, 2005

By April Zepeda

LYNNWOOD - A Lynnwood woman has been sentenced to jail time, after her dog got out of the yard one too many times.