Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tax And Spend or Tax And Spin

When you here the Dem's propagate the Bush budget stop and think where the money is being RAT holed.
And I wander if these pet projects come with a little insinuative to there sponsors like the way the Canadian's do it? Birds of a feather flock to gather.

Citizens Against Government Waste: 2005 Pig Book Exposes Record $27.3 Billion in Pork; Photo Available

4/6/2005 10:00:00 AM

To: National Desk

Contact: Tom Finnigan, 202-467-5309 or 202-253-3852 (cell); or Lauren Cook, 202-467-5318, Web:

WASHINGTON, April 6 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) today released the 2005 Congressional Pig Book, a sweeping compendium of the pork-barrel projects in the federal budget.

Congress spent more tax dollars on pork this year than in any other year in history. For fiscal 2005, appropriators stuffed 13,997 projects into the 13 appropriations bills, an increase of 31 percent over last year's total of 10,656. In the last two years, the total number of projects has increased by 49.5 percent. The cost of these projects in fiscal 2005 was $27.3 billion, or 19 percent more than last year's total of $22.9 billion. In fact, the total cost of pork has increased by 21 percent since fiscal 2003. Total pork identified by CAGW since 1991 adds up to $212 billion.


The truth shall set you free, Let Freedom Blog

This sounds like the Washington State Democrat party. They don't want any one to know if the 20004 election was tainted with fraud or it was deliberately thrown. This statement is backed up by the Democrat legislatures refusal to even hear or look in to vote irregularities. At the becoming of the Republican candidate and the Republican Legislators. As well as the Dem's trying to subvert the up and coming trial on the 20004 election.

Political Hay
Let Freedom Blog
By John Tabin
Published 4/6/2005 1:05:51 AM

If you're a Canadian, be advised: Your government doesn't want you to know what lies herein. If you're a blogger in Canada, you may actually get in legal trouble for linking to this column.

Our neighbors to the north have been rocked for the past two years by a political scandal, nicknamed Adscam, wherein advertising companies, ostensibly hired to run ads for the government, got enormous contracts for doing little or no work; the money has long been rumored to have slid back into the campaigns of Liberals, Canada's ruling party of the left.


Here Is A Cupel of clips

Fla. Governor to Sign Bill Allowing Force Wires
Wednesday, April 6, 2005

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Gov. Jeb Bush said Tuesday he intends to sign a bill that would allow people who feel threatened - even on the street or at a baseball game - to "meet force with force" and defend themselves without fear of prosecution.
Christian Defense Coalition Cites Zogby Poll Showing 80 Pct. of Americans Do Not Support Denying Food, Water to the Disabled
4/6/2005 12:52:00 AM