Friday, April 15, 2005

Democrats try to subvert destiny through legal maneuvering

RCW 29A.68.110
Illegal votes - - Number of votes affected - - Enough to change result.

No election may be set aside on account of illegal votes, unless it appears that an amount of illegal votes has been given to the person whose right is being contested, that, if taken from that person, would reduce the number of the person's legal votes below the number of votes given to some other person for the same office, after deducting therefrom the illegal votes that may be shown to have been given to the other person.
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APPEARS; is not an absolute, it is left to the discretion of the Judge, based on the evidence before him.
There is no way to look at a ballot and tell who voted, there is only a number no name. Though this info could be found it would take a court order and that is not likely to happen in order to protect voter confidentiality.
The Democrats know this, and they know damed well that the Republicans could not prove how a voter voted. The Dem's would be the first in line before the courts, to object if the Republican's were to seek a subpoena to see who voted for what candidate.

All that has to be shown is that of the illegal vote subtracted from each candidate in proportion to the percentage votes received by each candidate. And I would bet that if the deference came close to a tie the Judge would not nullify the election, if illegal votes were all there was that was in question. Minus 441 for Gregoire and minus 294 for Rossie equals +147 for Rossie just in King County.
Subtract Gregoir's 129 vote lead from Rossi's 147 gain = 18 vote lead. Based on figures in this news article.
Though not a tie, the other discrepancy in K.C. with counting unconfirmed ballots and more absent tee ballots than registered absent tee voters etc., NO ONE CAN KNOW WHO WONE THE GOVERNORS RACE.

What Dino Rossi wants to happen is a new election so the voters can make the decision for Governor not the Judge's ruling by default. Who wants to here the Dem's winning for the next 3 years, of corse they will any way.

Something else the Democrats are worried about is, if they lose the court battle they pay.

RCW 29A.68.060
Coast, how awarded.
In a nut shell states loser pays.

This might explain the shell game with the States budget, Just a thought.

Motions fly on illegal votes
State parties battle over formula to resolve disputed governor’s race

KENNETH P. VOGEL; The News Tribune
Last updated: April 14th, 2005 07:48 AM

Knowing how your neighborhood voted as a whole doesn’t mean you know how each of your neighbors voted.

That’s the crux of a key argument made in court papers filed Wednesday by Democrats fighting the Republican lawsuit to overturn Democrat Christine Gregoire’s 129-vote victory in the governor’s race.