Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Federal and State Estate Tax, Who will pay?

By Michelle Malkin · April 19, 2005 11:02 AM

House Republicans voted last week to permanently repeal the estate tax.

This prompted the usual complaints from newspaper editorial writers about tax cuts for the super-rich. As the New York Times editorial board put it, "Repeal would shield the estates of the very wealthiest Americans from the tax.... [M]ost Americans never even have to think about the estate tax, let alone worry about it coming on top of some other tax."


UP DATE: We don't trust the legislature and D.O.T.

Frustrated tax payers in Washington are fed up.
We don't trust the legislature and D.O.T.

We the people the state of washington need to take our government back. There are many thing that can done to put checks and balances to hold the politician in check. The first thing that is needed, would be to elect a real Governor that is willing to take on the issues that pelage the people of the State. A Governor that is willing to change the face of government in Olympia.

The highest priority being highways, "not transportation" i.e. not buses, not rail, not trams, not runways, HOV lanes AND NOT TOLLS.
We don't need any more quick fixes or wasted money for study groups, sales tax on materials or EPA studies that have already have been studied to death.
I don't know who or when it was decided that cities started getting money from the State to subsidize or build transit systems. I am looking in to it, because it is not enumerated in section 40 of the States constitution. I suspect it to be a scam to get Federal money to create a make work bureaucracy.

There is a needed revamping of the D.O.T., starting with and not limited to ELECTING A STATE HIGHWAYS COMMISSIONER to serve for a six year term. With the authority to implement and carry out the duties of that office. Such duties as contracting out, organizational efficiencies, partition the legislature and hire and fire. With a DOT accounting office that is audited at least every two years. The most important is to get a real highway engineer.

This may require a change in the constitution and a lot of arm twisting however the end results would by more accountability and less politics when it comes to one of the States most important infrastructures.

BY Roy Boy
UP DATE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - !!!

I was partly right there is federal money for public transportation.
I did find in the R.C.W.'s the provision that allows funding for municipal transportation franchise.
If it improves or is shown to be a benefit to the state highway a transportation system is constructed on.
Thats not County or City streets and thats not for its own right of way.
This is for square footage of State highway construction coast associated with a transit system

RCW 47.08.070
Cooperation in public works projects, urban public transportation systems.

When it appears to the department that any state highway will be benefited or improved by the construction of any public works project, including any urban public transportation system, within the state of Washington by any of the departments of the state of Washington, by the federal government, or by any agency, instrumentality, or municipal corporation of either the state of Washington or the United States, the department is authorized to enter into cooperative agreements with any such state department, with the United States, or with any agency, instrumentality, or municipal corporation of either the state of Washington or the United States, wherein the state of Washington, acting through the department, will participate in the cost of the public works project in such amount as may be determined by the department to be the value of the benefits or improvements to the particular state highway derived from the construction of the public works project. Under any such agreement the department may contribute to the cost of the public works project by making direct payment to the particular state department, federal government, or to any agency, instrumentality, or municipal corporation of either the state or the United States, or any combination thereof, which may be involved in the project, from any funds appropriated to the department and available for highway purposes, or by doing a portion of the project either by day labor or by contract, or in any other manner as may be deemed advisable and necessary by the department.

RCW 47.04.082
Urban public transportation systems -- Defined.

As used in this act the term "urban public transportation system" shall mean a system for the public transportation of persons or property by buses, street cars, trains, electric trolley coaches, other public transit vehicles, or any combination thereof operating in or through predominantly urban areas and owned and operated by the state, any city or county or any municipal corporation of the state, including all structures, facilities, vehicles and other property rights and interest forming a part of such a system.

[1967 c 108 ยง 1.]


By Hook and By Crook, R.I.P. 601

As every lobbyist and every special interest group lines up at the rotunda, Gregoire hands out something to all, except those who pay for it. No mater what it takes, by hook and by crook, the hell with the people its the agenda that counts. BY Roy Boy

Governor signs bill making it easier to raise taxes

REBECCA COOK; Associated Press
Last updated: April 18th, 2005 05:38 PM
OLYMPIA — Gov. Christine Gregoire signed a bill into law Monday that will make it easier for the Legislature to raise taxes.

The bill signing sets the stage for Democrats in the Legislature to pass a two-year, $26 billion state budget that will likely rely on hiking cigarette and liquor taxes.



It's the new kid on the block (Fox), and they're not playing by 'our' (MSM) rules. Willy takes some apples and oranges, to come up with comparisons for other news outlets.
Basically, its the same tired old song and dance that the libs sing when they fear things that may transmute their biased news (MSM) reporting.

I don't see Fox news on the right particularly. probably a little closer to center than the alphabet soup news sources. It still relies on sensationalism to sell stories and pretty much the same stories as the rest of the msm's report with the same spin.

It would be the most disastrous thing in the world, if the American people got a different view point of the news. DON'T YOU THINK?
BY Roy Boy
Ps: Willy you aint seen nothing yet.

Fox News presents danger to journalism

Last updated: April 18th, 2005 02:35 AM
WASHINGTON – The in-your-face right-wing partisanship that marks Fox News Channel’s news broadcasts is having two dangerous effects.

The first is that the popularity of the approach – Fox is clobbering its direct competition (CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, etc.) – leads other cable broadcasters to mimic it, which in turn debases the quality of the news available to that segment of the TV audience.