Monday, April 25, 2005

What do High gas prices, hose cans, and locking gas caps have in common?

Gas thieves are on the loose in washington, with exorbitant coast that we pay for the liquid gold, the juvenile population looking for cursing fluid are using the Oklahoma credit card for there purchases.
As we well know by now the price is going up, and so are the incidences of the gutter-perches bandits.

Auto supply store should profit from bough sides of the issue, locking gas caps, hose and gas cans.
The problem with locking gas caps are one key fits most caps.
It will probably get worse with the additional coast of living hike by the past legislature.

Now why KOMO stated that this was happening to parked cars is puzzling. I have a hard time visualizing some one stealing gas from a moving auto.

BY Roy Boy

Sign of The Times? Thieves Now Stealing Gas From Parked CarsLizRoccaLAKEWOOD - Has it really come to this? With pump prices so high, some people are stealing gas from their neighbors.

"When I walked up, the gas door was open, there was gas running down the side of my car, the gas cap was on the ground," said Stephanie Fitch.

She knew she'd been hit by gas thieves -- and brazen thieves too.

They struck in broad daylight in the parking lot of a Lakewood Safeway. Stephanie came out of the store with her groceries to find two men parked next to her.


Remember in November, No Quarters kick the bum's out!

Now is the time to start cleaning house.
There are no excuses for what has taken place in Olympia in this legislative session. This has been the biggest tax and spend session in history of the State. People are pissed, and for good reason we will be paying for this for the next 20 years. A 12% increase over current budget, 26.09 billion, that is billion with a B $26,009,000,000.00, and this is for 2 years. Off the top of my head that looks like about $43,000.00 debt for every man, woman and child in the State.
A gas tax that benefits King County, and dose nothing to improve the gridlock on the highways. All of the resources that go's to a County that has been mismanaged for years. King County could not manage a booth at a swop meet, they are still pay for the King Dome and blowing money right and left for folly trollies. If K.C. wanted to do something to improve traffic on I-5, they would dynamite that bottle neck Convention Center off the face of map. Hell I would pay to watch it, and pay more to shove the plunger.

No one is talking about all of the laws that were revised and new laws introduced. The Democrats passed 177 laws in this session, and we have only heard of a hand full. Wait until these laws start taking effect in July, and there impact will surface. Most of the laws are liberal feel good obstruction to the public. For instance no proof of citizenship to vote, but you will now have to show I.D. to get cold medicine. You will have to pay more for a new auto with Calf. air emissions standards that has no benefit except to your mechanic in keeping them running. The Democrats passed a cloning Bill for what purpose I have yet to figure out, except perhaps to clone dead voters.

We also have some dead wight on the republican party as well. Like the 11 who voting for the gas tax. The republican voting record will be held to scrutiny.
No Quarters kick the bum's out!
BY Roy Boy