Monday, May 16, 2005

Property rights and Car Thieves

If there ever was a Norman Rockwell America, you have the liberals to thank for it not being that way to- day. We live in a time where a child is not safe to play in their own yards. Our homes and property must be fortified in order to protect what we work so hard to achieve. What went wrong with a society that did not have to lock their doors or worry about their children playing in the neighborhood ?

Last week there were a couple of incidences that shed a little light on how our thinking has gotten us where we are today.

On KVI's Bryan Suits' Show the discussion was about two car thefts that took place last week. The first was when a thief in Graham tried to steal a car and ended up in a hospital in a coma for his effort. With earlier misleading reports, it had appeared that the owner beat the thief half to death, as he attempted to steal the car from the owner's driveway.

Many of the callers to Bryan Suits were expressing their belief that the owner had over-stepped his right in protecting his property. The bottom line is, a car is not worth the taking of someone's life. And of course, the other side was that the owner acted appropriately.

The second car theft was when a mom, whom had her baby strapped in the back seat, stopped at a store for a quick purchase. The mom had the climate control on for the babies comfort, so left the car's engine running while she ran in the store for her purchase. While in the store, a thief stoled the car, baby and all. The thief, realizing that he had a passenger, ditched the car a couple of blocks away. The police discovered the car and baby a short time later.

On the Bryan Suits' show, the majority of the callers were in favor of persecuting the mom. There was very little said about the thief. The thief knew he had committed two crimes, one with little or no consequence, the other, " kid- napping", would have grave consequences if found out.

The thing these two stories have in common are that they were both foiled. One got the snot beat out of him and the other abandoned his plight for fear of the consequences.

This would not have happened if there was a more severe accountability for stealing an auto. I see it this way, the streets should be safe for our women and children. They should not be as they are now, safe for the criminals to run loose and plunder at will. A couple of hypotheticals; what if a car is stolen that has; a) a gun in it, that winds up at a school?, b) a billing record with customers personal info? c) your favorite pet? d) a geriatric in the back seat? e) your 17 year old child napping in the back seat? or f) your credit cards, ID or passport?

The point is, our autos have become more than just a means to get from point a to point b. We spend a lot of our time in the auto with a lot of our personal stuff. It is not the price, make, or model of the auto. It's the fact that autos have become an extension of our home and should afford the same protection under the law.

Both of the car owners discussed were condemned for their actions. This is the attitude that has us where we are to date. That mom had every right to expect to find her car and baby safe and sound after going into a store to pick up her one item and returning to her car. The only danger was the car thief.

The car owner who allegedly beat the car thief would be perfectly in his rights. The thief was trespassing on private property with the intent to steal a car. He was in the car and it was running when he was confronted by the owner. The world is a tough place, and it's really tough if your stupid.

Most of the car thieves are juveniles who have to be caught like 17 times before anything is done toward punishment. Our juvenile Justice system is for the most part non existent. The creeps rotate through the juvenile hall with nearly no accountability for breaking into homes, stealing cars, vandalism, thievery in general, drugs, and rape. They are patted on the head and sent on their way. We need to either have juvenile prisons, reform schools or both. There should be a minimum of a 5 year sentence for auto theft.

This is about property rights. When you are held accountable for what someone else does in the process of committing a crime or the consequences of a crime against you, you have lost your rights. You might as well just turn your property over to the criminals and hide in hopes that they don't come for you next.

The proof is when the thief that stole the mom's car, ditched the car because he didn't want to face the sentence involved in a kid- napping. If there were a similar sentence for stealing an auto the world would be a much safer place to live.
By The Roy Boy . . . . .