Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Why they Hate US? a question by the morally bankrupt News Week

When you stop and think about the question in depth a few things that come to mind. First is not the why, it's the what, what is it they hate about US. After much thought I concluded it is the same things we don't like about our selves. For instance, the crap that comes out of Hollywood, the allowing our childeran to dress up like pimps and whores, the advancement of the homosexual agenda and the lack of reverence to God. Generally, everything that is liberal, the Muslim world dislikes or detest. In short, we are fighting a war to sustain liberalism in the U.S. Ironically it is the liberals who are gainst the war.

While if the U.S. were more conservative "they" may not particularity like US, however, there would more respect for our values. I guess that is why wars work there is nothing liberal about them, It’s as about as direct and to the point as it gets.

So when liberals start the blame game or the why they hate us routine, they only have to look in the mirror. It is the liberals who are the determent to this country. As of late this has been shown to be true, with the liberal propaganda publications that stir up the hornet's nest. The problem is the hornets hate is toward US, but once they figure out who is who and what the reality is who knows the Muslim world may some day march with Conservatives Christian in a deferent battle. Not likely just a thought.
The Roy Boy
Here's what a Newsweek editor said: