Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sound Transit Scam on the Tax Payers of Washington

More specific an end run on highway tax dollars, diverted to municipal transit systems.
In the 50's and 60's the light rail interurban transit systems through out the U.S. died in there antiquated inefficient and costly operations. One of the factor was the changing demographics of the suburbs, what was once residential was becoming industrial. An other factor was the coast of maintenance had become more expensive than the operating coast of buses. Buses were and stile more portable, less expensive to operate and also cheeper to replace.

Municipalities have always had the responsibility of there own inferstructer within there incorporation boundaries. This is payed for by the taxies allocated in that municipalities.
The municipalities along the I-5 corridor between Marrysvill and Tumwater, back in the late 50's They chose to let the State and Federal highway tax dollars allocated for the I-5 project, be the end all to there traffic problems
at the time. Basically dumping there traffic load on I-5, with out upgrading there own infrastructures. Streets were cut off, state highways dead ended, as a result traffic could not flow with out gaining access to I-5. Think of this, if the Cities like Seattle had an adequate infrastructure what would be the need to operate all those buses on the freeway?

No where can I find where the State, highway funds, shall be used to upgrade or build municipal transit systems.
I added these links to invite my reader to feel free to look for themselves. If anyone finds where the State taxpayers are responsible for paying the bills for Sound Transit please post in comments.
I have concluded that this is a scam by the Cities, Counties and State officials, along with some special interest groups.
BY Roy Boy

Here is the deal;
RCW 47.04.082
Urban public transportation systems -- Defined.
As used in this act the term "urban public transportation system" shall mean a system for the public transportation of persons or property by buses, street cars, trains, electric trolley coaches, other public transit vehicles, or any combination thereof operating in or through predominantly urban areas and owned and operated by the state, any city or county or any municipal corporation of the state, including all structures, facilities, vehicles and other property rights and interest forming a part of such a system.
[1967 c 108 § 1.]
RCW 47.08.070
Cooperation in public works projects, urban public transportation systems.

When it appears to the department that any state highway will be benefited or improved by the construction of any public works project, including any urban public transportation system, within the state of Washington by any of the departments of the state of Washington, by the federal government, or by any agency, instrumentality, or municipal corporation of either the state of Washington or the United States, the department is authorized to enter into cooperative agreements with any such state department, with the United States, or with any agency, instrumentality, or municipal corporation of either the state of Washington or the United States, wherein the state of Washington, acting through the department, will participate in the cost of the public works project in such amount as may be determined by the department to be the value of the benefits or improvements to the particular state highway derived from the construction of the public works project. Under any such agreement the department may contribute to the cost of the public works project by making direct payment to the particular state department, federal government, or to any agency, instrumentality, or municipal corporation of either the state or the United States, or any combination thereof, which may be involved in the project, from any funds appropriated to the department and available for highway purposes, or by doing a portion of the project either by day labor or by contract, or in any other manner as may be deemed advisable and necessary by the department.

Title 81 RCW
RCW 81.64.030
May cross public road.

In case any such railroad or railway, is or shall be located in part on private right of way, the owner thereof shall have the right to construct and operate the same across any county road or county street which intersects such private right of way, if such crossing is so constructed and maintained as to do no unnecessary damage: PROVIDED, That any person or corporation constructing such crossing or operating such railroad or railway on or along such county road or public street shall be liable to the county for all necessary expense incurred in restoring such county road or public street to a suitable condition for travel.
Chapter 81.64 RCW
Chapter 81.112 RCW


Chapter 81.53 RCW
Stories similar from every City in the U.S. that has gone through light rail transit system
N W Republican
Shove It Up Your Arterial
The original South/North project had Crime Met purchasing a good bit of right-of-way. The new and cheaper Rail Lite uses existing roadway to shove the train right up our arterials. This accomplishes all objectives of eliminating general purpose roadway by replacing it with trains and bike lanes. If you liked Interstate North, you will love SE 12th to SE 17th to Sellwood. Well, these white neo-liberals had voted for it time and time again, so good for them, now they get a train shoved up their a – a – a arterial. They choked-off Overlook; next they will choke-off Sellwood.